Five Reasons to see a Dentist Every 6 Months



Preventing Dental Problems is Better Than Curing Them

By having regular dental checkups, our dentist can examine your oral condition and see which preventive measures can work for you. Your dentist will examine your mouth to see if you have any conditions that may put you at a higher risk of having tooth decay, or other problems.

Treating Minor Dental Problems Before They Become Serious

If problems such as cavities and gum disease are detected early, the treatment for them will be simpler, less expensive and have a better chance of succeeding.


Keeping Your Natural Teeth

One of the main causes of tooth loss in adults is gum disease. Your dentist can diagnose and treat it before it becomes severe enough to cause tooth loss.


Keeping Your Whole Body Healthy

The work of a dentist isn’t strictly limited to just the teeth. Rather, your dentist will perform a complete examination of your mouth, which can detect signs that you may have a serious health problem. Cancers of the tongue, throat, palate and tonsils can sometimes be detected by a visual examination performed by your dentist. Other problems, such as vitamin and nutrient deficiency, which could be signs of serious diseases, can also be detected by your dentist.

Save Money

Having dental checkups every 6 months may save you a lot of money on your dental expenses. If oral health issues are detected early, related treatments would be quite simple and less expensive. If a dental problem reaches an advanced state, it would require procedures far more complex and end up costing you a lot more than if they were addressed earlier.